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About Us

The Elder’s Caring Shelter has been in operation since June 2003. With the help of community organizations, businesses, and many volunteers, we have managed to house as many as 18 homeless people at one time. We have been at full capacity for the past 15 years and will continue to operate with a maximum number of residents as long as the shelter is needed, and we are financially able to continue offering services and shelter to the homeless men and women over the age of 55 years old.


The homeless situation in Grande Prairie is an issue that affects every citizen in our community. Metis Local 1990 has opted to become part of the solution by developing programs and services. One of these services is our Elder’s Caring Shelter. The shelter operates on a very small grant from, “Family Violence Prevention and Homeless Supports”. This grant only provides half of the funds needed to operate the shelter. Approximately 25% comes from minimal rent from residents. The balance of the budget is compensated by fundraising and donations from businesses, organizations and people in the community of Grande Prairie.


The Elders Caring Shelter empowers homeless Elders to become self-sufficient in our community. We do Holistic Healing to nurture their basic needs that includes basic life skills, culture, employment searches, financial budgeting, health and wellness, and it reduces isolation in a safe and secure environment.


For the past 5 years we have hosted a very successful Youth and Elders Retreat. The retreat allows the Elders to teach and learn with the Youth and our Leaders in our communities. This contributes to the Elders self worth and enhances the healing process from Homelessness to successful self sufficiency. Every year we also need to do separate and additional fundraising for this unique and successful event.

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